Dinan Studios is a new Irish games studio. The Turkey of Christmas Past is an absurdist satire of the epic games genre. It is an innovative mix between a PC game and visual novel. We believe that games are the new medium of choice, or soon will be. Just as TV replaced radio, games are the up and coming story-telling and social medium.

The story revolves around Tom de Cat, a Whisker, or specialist swordsman for hire. In his travels he comes across a great threat, Melagris, King of Turkeys, who has come back form the dead to lead the wild flock for an evil purpose.

Our game play is 3rd person and sword based in a linear world. It will feature a small number of special abilities which will be upgraded as the story progresses.

Our in-house composer created the original soundtrack for our game. After all, we know that a great game is a good game with a good soundtrack.

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